Sigma Brushes [Unboxing]

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I have been on the market now in getting new brushes. I figured since I will be starting to kick off Kiko Daily, I should invest in more professional brushes. While doing a little research, I found that Sigma Brushes were of great quality, so I decided to visit their website and explore their options. After looking at the site I decided on getting the “Mr. Bunny” brush set that included a variety of different types of brushes.  The great thing about ordering from them is that they included a free gift that you get to choose!

Shipping Box

When the brushes were finally here I was able to open up the shipping box and within the box the sigma print, which was nice and refreshing.  It also included an introductory booklet to their brushes and the company.


Free Gift

Within that was the free gift (A full size P82 – Precision Round brush) , which was a lot nicer than I expected!


The Brushes

After looking at the free gift I went and opened up the box to the main brushes that I have had ordered.


After opening that box I was surprised to see that there was a leather brush carrier that you can open.  With it open you could turn the two sides into two brush holders which is really convenient.  The case itself was really nice and it was not too ridiculously bulky.  At this point I was pretty pleased as to what I was seeing.


FINALLY I got to opening up the actual brush carrier and I found that each of the Sigma Brushes were neatly wrapped.  After opening all of them, the brushes were really really soft.


The Color of the handle was also really pretty as well.

Sigma Brushes _MG_9711Recap

Overall I was really happy with the unboxing of these brushes!  They definitely put their effort into every detail of the order.  Some things I did enjoy so far:

  • Nice Packaging All Around
  • Free Gift
  • Fashionable Leather Brush Container
  • Brushes were soft to the touch

Stay tuned for the review of this product after I get to use it a little more!


*All images depicted were taken by Kiko if you want to use these images please contact us first before using them. Thank You!

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