Gunpla! Locate Gunpla Related Stores, Sites, Groups, etc!

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Have you ever wondered how you can locate things related to Gundams?  I know after running my instagram for the past 5 months that I constantly get asked, where do I buy Gundams?  I have asked the generous Gunpla Community on where they go to purchase their Gundam.  From the feedback I got, I have compiled a list of where you can purchase Gundam as well as hobby shops that sell Gundam related things such as paint, tools, etc.

Where do I go to buy Gunpla?

You can go to the Gundam Stores Locator.  You will be able to find that there will be a map of all the locations that were given to me online!  That isn’t the only thing that is on there though.  A list of compiled resources as well as social media groups on gunpla are there as well.  I know I have had trouble finding local groups to meetup with and build.  If you know of any other places that are not online you can always contact me through the locator page.

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