Tatsu Hobby

Tatsu Hobby is a San Jose, California based company that started out in late 2009 from the love of our founder to collect model kits, garage kits and toys.

After being in the hobby for a couple of years, he feels that lately all online hobby shops didn’t provide the excitement of finding the kits that has been in his wish list for a long time.

He looked at his collection and noticed that many of the kits in there are not available anywhere else, and thus, if he makes it available, probably others hobbyists will feel this excitement that he’s craving for.

and so…Tatsu Hobby is born with its unique blend of product varieties: from model kits, garage kits, out of production kits, action figures, down to decals and tools to complete the models.

Check back often because Tatsu Hobby promises surprises, as the founder is a hobbyist himself and still looking for that excitement of finding products that piqued his or his customers’ interests.

So when you see pictures of kits that you like, be sure to note it down in your wish list and contact us because we might just be able to find it for you!

Now entering our fourth year of operation (as of 2013) and serving thousands of satisfied customers, we still operate on one goal in mind: to bring the best selection of model kits, tagged with highly competitive pricing, and serve them to the customers with a smile.

Tatsu Hobby
761 Mabury Rd Suite #80
San Jose California 95133
United States
Phone: +1 408 441 0704
Email: info@tatsuhobby.com
Url: http://www.tatsuhobby.com/webstore/