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I think all of us who have a lot of electronics have a bunch of issues with cable management.  If you are like me, i try as much as I can to organize them as much as possible.  Now magnify this cable management when your husband has a home music studio!

The Issue

My husband has a home music studio, but he also takes this home studio with him whenever he needs to go to a different location to record.  Now, I have to come up with a solution where he can easily take cables, remove components of his studio with ease and put them back neatly.

The Solution

I thought really hard and tried to see what i could do to make it easier.  He does have quite a few microphone cables that are just hanging out on the floor.  How do i keep those off the floor away from the eye’s view?

My thought process was:

  1. Take all cables out
  2. Connect all the one’s that are staying and never going to move
  3. Connect the ones that will be moved rarely and place those cables above those that aren’t going to move
  4. Connect all the cables that will be moved often on top of all the other cables.
  5. Figure out how to hang the microphonecables and how to hide the othercables
  6. Figure out how to organize our mountain of hard drives

The Cable Management

Now that I had a plan, I had to figure out how to hang the microphone cables.  We live in an apartment so I wanted to deal the least amount of damage to our walls.  Then I remember that I have been using Command hooks and other Command products to put up picture frames and I’m like “why can’t I do this as well?”.

I then went off to buy different type of Command products and started planning out what to do with the cables.  I placed the larger Command hooks on the wall behind the desk to hold all the microphone cables that way it will sort of hide the cables themselves.

I also bought a wired rack that had 2 levels and placed our hard drives within there.  Then I bought these little rope light holders which i used to hold wires onto the desk to minimize the amount of wires visible through the openings of the desk.   _MG_9670

To further organize the cables I also put labels above the microphone cables.

_MG_9671Cable Management _MG_9665

I also took the time to place the hooks elsewhere to organize the rest of his cables.



After applying this solution it cleared up the floor around his home studio a BUNCH.  The Command hooks saved me!  I highly suggest using some sort of Command product for cable management.  If you have a home studio, especially a mobile one, this helps to have a easy tear down and a easy way to put everything back up.  Give it a try and let me know how everything went!


*All images depicted were taken by Kiko if you want to use these images please contact us first before using them. Thank You!

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