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Gundam Stores

Below is a list of Gundam stores around the world that have Gunpla or have items related to Gunpla ( tools, paint, etc.).  This list was curated by the Gunpla community who have contact me to get me this information.  If you have any other recommendations (online or physical store) please feel free to email me whatever that is not on this list.  You can contact me at the form at the bottom of this page.  Each of the Physical stores will have their own page so if you have any comments on that specific store please feel free to comment on them.  Happy building!


      Online Stores

      Here is a list of online Gundam stores that you can order from!  These are categorized by where they are originally or by currency since some do allow personal pick-up.  Look on their site to see what countries they ship to.  Majority of these are checked for validity by the gunpla community, but do your research before purchasing.  Enjoy!



      Side 7

      United States

      USA Gundam Store


      Kurama Shop Hobby Site


      GK Gundam Kit


      Gundam Model Center


      Tower Hobbies


      Gundam Flexing


      Gundam Store and More

      Gunpla Groups/Resources

      All of us in many countries want to meet together with those in our local gunpla community to share some amazing tips or to just build together.  Below is a list of social groups related to gunpla or resources online for gunpla builders.  If you have any further to add on this list please fill out the form below to contact me.

      United States

      Gundambytes (Gunpla Trade & Sale USA)

      North Carolina

      Hangar 18 Gunpla Community


      Southeast Gunpla Builders


      Galactic Quest Gunpla Club


      Cincinnati Gunpla Builders


      Los Angeles Gunpla


      San Diego Gunpla


      Arizona Gunpla Builders


      Malaysia Gunpla Builder and Gundam Fan

       Contact Me

      Send me more information of new local stores, online stores, and social groups.  Can’t wait to hear for you!