Figure Photography [April Edition]

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Time for some figure photography!!  Some may know I really enjoy my figures and especially the tiny chibi looking ones!  Thanks to my cousin I started to do more photography with my figures.

Figure Photography

If you want to start doing figure photography look for things you can use at home first and then start building other items around them.

Also lighting is pretty important!  If you really enjoy doing natural lighting try outside or if you have access to that within your home use it to your advantage!  If you like to do dynamic lighting then try using your own lamp and readjust.

For these pictures I was using natural lighting.  I love natural lighting compared to other types of lighting.  I also used the items within my home that I didn’t have to make and just rearranged them.

If you have figures that are on stands try as much as possible to hide those stands or make them stand on their own without the stand.  If you can’t hide the stand try to angle camera where it can’t be visible.  If all fails try photoshop!

If you want to have more fun with it start looking for props around the house!  For example, in our nerd kingdom we build gundams and models so we had a model arcade lying around.  I took that and used it as a prop!  It was also the right size!

Out of ideas? There are plenty of instagram accounts that have people who do figure photography so take a look at what they do!

Now onto the pictures!!!

Umaru Domo [Anime: Himouto Umaru-Chan]

Figure Photography _MG_0085 _MG_0088 _MG_0089 _MG_0092 _MG_0093 _MG_0094

Yoshino [Date ALive]

_MG_0137 _MG_0133 _MG_0129 _MG_0121 _MG_0109 _MG_0101 _MG_0099 _MG_0098

Velvet [Game: Odin Sphere]

_MG_0238 _MG_0232

Have fun taking pictures!!


*All images depicted were taken by Kiko if you want to use these images please contact us first before using them. Thank You!

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